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The shift toward consumer-centric in 2020

2020 has just begun, but it already promises to be yet another dynamic year in the financial world. While many top trends of the past decade have been heavily concentrated on technology, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, there is a noticeable shift toward consumer-centric solutions under way. Here are 3 of …

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Q-Lana: a new tool to bolster MSMEs in emerging economies

Q-Lana, a U.S.-based FinTech company, was founded to develop the concept of knowledge-based lending as a way to help financial institutions overcome the challenges associated with broader MSME lending and, thereby, spur economic development. Q-Lana is an integrated platform that offers fully-digitized operations and allows other providers to connect to …

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FinTech for the financially excluded

The potential of FinTech to help financially excluded populations of the world is well-documented, with FinTech helping to reduce vulnerabilities, build assets, manage cash flows and increase income. Yet FinTech doesn’t come without risks.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering FinTech for the financially excluded: …

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How FinTech is helping the unbanked and underbanked

For many around the world (especially those in rural areas), access to financial services represents a major problem; however, FinTech is bridging that gap and helping more and more consumers access them. Here a few ways FinTech is helping the unbanked and underbanked access financial services in 2018: Online lending …

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Video: how AI is empowering low-income women in India

Find out how voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping low-income women in India gain access to finance and realize their business dreams. FinTech is making financing more accessible Infographic: top 20 reasons startups fail COVID-19 is pushing a complete transformation of the banking sector

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New universal scoring platform to launch in Kyrgyzstan

A new universal scoring platform has been presented in Kyrgyzstan as part of the ‘Eurasian Digital Platforms’ international competition. The new platform uses data from communications operators, credit bureaus and other sources to score potential borrowers and has the goal of becoming a universal scoring platform used throughout the Eurasian …

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More than 100 programmers participate in Fintechstars hackathon held in Almaty

The Fintechstars hackathon took place in Almaty and featured 100 programmers working to develop financial technology projects. During the 48-your hackathon, participants proposed various projects, including many for services to identify borrowers and potential borrowers on social network sites like Facebook and Instagram. The top 4 projects shared a prize …

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning in Russian banks

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken a significant step forward in usage in Russian banks. Here are ways Russian banks are taking advantage of this new technology: Sberbank has completed 20 successful artificial intelligence pilot projects aimed at creating new products and services as well as optimizing banking processes. …

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Big Data uses in financial institutions

The usefulness of Big Data and how this type of analytics can be deployed in financial institutions is only starting to be understood in Kazakhstan. Specifically, there are a number of projects being implemented in the country to study how a number of indicators from various data sources affect financial …

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Credit debt information to be hosted on e-government portal

Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers has amended the Instruction on the Rules of Notary Movements to allow negative credit histories of citizens to be published on an e-government portal. Detailed information (such as delinquent days, penalty amounts, purpose of the debt, reasons for late payments, etc.) will be gathered and published …

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Credit scoring using Big Data

Credit institutions are constantly developing their scoring system to better prevent bad loans. To assess the solvency of potential borrowers, banks look at things such as age, social status, level of education, income and even Big Data. Big Data is obtained from services such as mobile operators, Yandex Taxi, Uber …

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Unibank introduces new loan application CRM system

Unibank has employed an automated process for providing unsecured loans to small businesses by using a new customer relationships management (CRM) system developed by Protobase Laboratories. The aim of the new CRM system is to increase the effectiveness and quality of customer service, significantly speed up the decision-making process in …

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