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The new recruiter: marketer, analyst and diplomat

New technologies are changing the recruitment landscape, shortening selection times and making recruitment a much more transparent and less biased process. This wave of HR technology, in turn, is transforming the role of recruiter into a combination of marketer, analyst and company diplomat.

It is important that recruiters understand the type of person they are trying to attract for a role within a company. Within this context, recruiters need to think and act like marketers, targeting potential candidates in a way that will find engaging and communicating with them as such. At the same, the traditional role of analyzing a candidate has not disappeared; it has just transformed. Recruiters now step in only at the tail end of the assessment process. Within this context, however, recruiters can (and must) take advantage of advanced data analytics to make the most appropriate decisions. Finally, a recruiter must also now act as a company diplomat and read candidates, responding to what they need to hear (as opposed to what you think they should hear). Moving forward, recruiters will need to excel at these three roles. But perhaps the most important characteristics of a successful recruiter will not change: relatable, good communicator and high-energy.

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