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4 considerations when starting to develop artificial intelligence

As digital banking becomes dominant and customers have little-to-no interaction with bank representatives, artificial intelligence will become more and more important in helping ensure that customers still receive the level of service they expect. Here are four considerations for financial institutions to keep in mind when developing and piloting artificial intelligence services:

  • Set user expectations up front — make sure customers know what they can and cannot do with the services; otherwise, they are likely to become frustrated.
  • Incorporate visual aids — visual aids allow customers to better understand what the artificial intelligence is doing, cutting down on confusion.
  • Make sure bots have personalities — bots needs to have something that resembles a human personality in order to be effective; customers want to interact with them as they would with another human.
  • Integrate with leading tech platforms — platforms such as Facebook Messenger are already familiar to many customers, and using them will allow for any issues to be worked before services are fully integrating into digital channels.

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