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Video: fighting financial crimes with AI and machine learning

The battle against financial crimes has a new and exciting tool at its disposal. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, this new automated solution detects suspect activities. Learn how this tool and others like it are being employed to fight fraud and stay ahead of changing regulatory-compliance requirements. Nordea …

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Biometric eKYC solutions on the rise throughout the Asia-Pacific

Fraud has been an increasing issue for many Asian-Pacific countries, leading many financial institutions in the region to seek out the merits of adopting technology-based solutions for identification, especially ones that also have the added benefit of enabling enrollment through faster, easier and lower-cost digital channels. In such a context, …

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Video: how artificial intelligence can power payment authorization

With merchants always on the lookout for a sale, consumers continuously demanding easier and faster checkout experiences and financial institutions seeking new and more efficient ways to mitigate fraud risks, artificial intelligence has become an intriguing solution in the payments industry. Here’s a quick look at the artificial intelligence powering …

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6 ways financial institutions in Singapore are using Big Data

Singaporean financial institutions have been at the forefront of taking advantage of Big Data with innovative initiatives that have resulted in positive results for both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here are 6 ways in which they are using Big Data today: Automating client processes – machine learning helping automate …

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Kazakhstan actively developing digital financial infrastructure

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The National Bank of Kazakhstan, together with the banking community, is implementing a number of new initiatives on the digitization of financial services such as its launch of the interbank Instant Payment System, a system which allows consumers to execute online payments instantly via a mobile number. The regulator is …

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2018 AntiFraud Russia International Forum

The 2018 AntiFraud Russia International Forum will take place in December 2018 as part of AIS Safety Week. The purpose of the Forum is to: host a comprehensive discussion of legal, organizational and technical issues related to countering fraud; improve interactions between businesses and law enforcement agencies; and present new …

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DT Fraud Conference 2019 – banking and payments

The pace of change is a constant challenge for the financial industry, with consumers constantly on the lookout for new, exciting and attractive offers. DT Fraud Conference 2019 will examine how new challenges can be met and capitalized upon by financial institutions to stay ahead of the game, keep consumers …

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PayPal to purchase fraud detection startup Simility

PayPal has announced the purchase of the startup company Simility, which makes use of machine learning to combat financial fraud. Simility works by using advanced personal identification technologies to identify the behavior of each user. The technology assigns a trust rating for each operation and builds a user profile. Suspicious …

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The 2018 Global Fraud and Identity Report

Just how well-equipped are businesses at recognizing their customers’ identities online? What types of investments are they making in customer recognition? And to what degree are they able to accurately identify customers and manage fraud risk? The 2018 Global Fraud and Identity Report, based on input from more than 5,500 …

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NetGuardians brings its cybersecurity to Zimbabwe

NetGuardians, a Swiss cybersecurity specialist, is bringing its fraud fighting solutions to Zimbabwe’s Steward Bank (formerly TN Bank). Steward Bank will integrate NetGuardians’ platform with its core banking system, meaning that it will now be able to monitor all user behavior in real-time on its e-banking and mobile banking channels. …

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Europol targets e-commerce fraud

Europol has announced the arrest of 95 professional fraudsters and members of internet-based criminal networks suspected of online fraud activities as part of its 2018 e-Commerce Action. The suspects arrested during the operation are thought to be responsible for more than 20,000 fraudulent transactions with compromised credit cards, exceeding an …

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PrivatBank launches new anti-fraud card technology

PrivatBank has launched a new system that allows users to securely change their PIN codes online, a measure that will help protect customers from card-related fraud. The system will also instantly change PIN codes in the event of suspected fraud, including skimming. Customers will receive an SMS notification of the …

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How to identify a phishing site

Phishing is a massive global issue that more than 12 million internet users fall victim to each year. Typically, cybercriminals trick users into visiting a fraudulent website where they then obtain confidential information that can be used to steal money, identifications and more. Here are a few ways to recognize …

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Sberbank names unsafe regions for using bank cards

Sberbank has determined that countries in the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas are the most common locations where Russian consumers are falling prey to fraudsters using tactics to get their bank card information. The most common tactic is skimming (retrieving card data using special devices to make a duplicate card), …

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