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How to survive a data breach crisis: the Monzo case study

Monzo, a disruptive neo-bank working to expand into the U.S., recently experienced a hiccup in its data security that resulting in nearly 500,000 U.K. account holders being urged to change their PIN numbers. It is important to note that the vulnerability was discovered by internal engineers and quick and decisive …

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Datathon organized to connect Belarusian companies with startups

Imaguru Startup Hub organized a Datathon to help Belarusian companies understand the importance of Big Data as well as connect them with startups that can help them achieve truly effective and innovative Big Data solutions. During the Datathon, teams were presented with tasks to be solved using Big Data solutions. …

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FinTechs represent an opportunity for wealth managers, not a threat

FinTechs are entering the wealth management industry at a record pace, and many traditional wealth management companies are not thrilled. But the fact is that FinTechs are bringing speed, radical innovations and visibility into the market. Although nobody can predict the next big disruption and how it will play out, …

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6 startups that will reshape wealth management

FinTech startups are reshaping the financial world, including wealth and asset management. Here are 6 WealthTech startups that are promising to change the way we manage our wealth: Cred – Cred uses artificial intelligence to help financial institutions deliver highly-personalized investment portfolios to digital clients. Responsive.ai – not just another …

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Revolut launches stock trading platform

British FinTech firm Revolut is jumping into the online brokerage space with its own commission-free stock trading platform, which is being run in partnership with U.S. broker DriveWealth. The company launched the service, which lets users buy or sell popular stocks with the tap of a button, as a way …

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Additiv driving WealthTech democratization in Asia

Zurich-based WealthTech company Additiv has become a worldwide leader in the field of digitization for wealth managers. In Asia, the company is driving a wide-angle perspective and helping wealth management become more democratized, enabling more and more people to access wealth management solutions – all thanks to the rise of …

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11 of the most notable WealthTech companies in Switzerland

With 75 companies operating in the sphere, WealthTech has become a thriving subset of FinTech in Switzerland. Here are 11 of the more notable Swiss WealthTech companies: AAAccell – a spin-off company of the University of Zurich, the company specializes in risk and asset management and uses the latest research …

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Infographic: WealthTech market map

WealthTech companies have been growing in recent years thanks to an increase in investments into this space. CB Insights recently categorized more than 90 of them into 7 main categories (based on the services and software they offer) and three main subcategories (based on the client group they serve) on …

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Video: FinTech and WealthTech leveling the playing field

New technologies within the FinTech and WealthTech spaces are bringing new opportunities for everyone to invest the same way the privileged do, opening up the space for new startups to offer bold new services to millions. Digital customer service Infographic: top 20 reasons startups fail More than 100 programmers participate …

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Video: WealthTech and millennials

CB Insights analyst Matt Wong gives a brief overview of WealthTech and millennials relationship with it. Infographic: analytics and Big Data in the financial services industry 3 ways for financial institutions to shift their focus to consumer value Video: 10 strategic technology trends in 2019

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Video: are some bigtechs unstoppable?

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are five of the most valuable companies in the world, earning the monikers “The Big Five” and “The Frightful Five”. Take a quick look at how these companies have developed their huge market shares and whether or not it might be time to consider …

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