6 data and analytics trends for 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s important to take note of 6 new data and analytics trends.

  1. Specialization – companies are now starting to look for professionals explicitly well-versed in the kind of data they’re dealing with.
  2. Machine learning – by 2020, over 40% of all data science tasks will be automated. Machine learning technology and its growing capability is a huge driver of that automation. Quantitative analysis, experimental analysis, data scaling, automation tools and, of course, general machine learning are all skills that modern data analysts should seek to hone.
  3. Increased regulations – regulations have a monumental impact on data processing and handling, consumer profiling and data security. Businesses are under intense pressure not only to comply with requirements but also to understand their impact on current and future operations.
  4. Keeping up-to-date – it’s no small feat to stay up-to-date with anything that relates to modern technology. Solutions and tools are evolving at ridiculous rates; new opportunities are always being introduced; and a variety of trends take form year after year. But no matter how difficult it is, data analysts must continue to stay at the forefront of that growth.
  5. Cloud computing and related mechanics – as the demand for more elastic and fluid infrastructure grows, analysts and scientists will need to understand how this relates to current operations and equipment.
  6. Basic business intelligence and communication – successful analysts of today and tomorrow must have a solid foundation in business intelligence as well as be able to effectively communicate complex subjects to non-technical professionals.