6 startups that will reshape wealth management

FinTech startups are reshaping the financial world, including wealth and asset management. Here are 6 WealthTech startups that are promising to change the way we manage our wealth:

  1. Cred – Cred uses artificial intelligence to help financial institutions deliver highly-personalized investment portfolios to digital clients.
  2. Responsive.ai – not just another roboadvisor, Responsive.ai is a hybrid wealth advisor solution for enterprises that helps managers grow client wealth and loyalty by providing personalized and adaptive services at scale.
  3. Bambu – founded in 2016, this Singapore-based company uses their own roboadvisory technology to find the right personalized investment strategies for each client’s needs. Bambu also provides various live and past data to offer a unified view of markets.
  4. Sarwa – this Dubai-based FinTech company combines innovative technology and human advice to make expert investing available to everyone. The platform’s algorithms and human advisors help Sarwa clients open an account in minutes via facial recognition, track their goals via an intuitive dashboard and rebalance their portfolios when the market causes their investments to drift from their target.
  5. Handcheque – this Vienna-based company has a mission to make payments easier and more convenient. To this end, they have developed a smartcard that enables consumers to store all their payments and loyalty cards on one certified Mastercard card.
  6. AdviceRobo – a software solution that increases acceptance rates for credit applications while still maintaining the same risk level, AdivceRobo uses artificial intelligence that combines structured and unstructured data to generate a big behavioral picture for self-employed, startups, millennials and other thin-file consumer segments.