A Glimpse of 2025

The world 0f 2025 will be characterized by a very different landscape from the one we lived in just a few short years ago. While this will include some positive develops stemming from the last year (e.g. hybrid working conditions allowing more work-from-home time), there will be other large-scale problems in need of being solved (e.g. high unemployment rates, especially among the young and low-skilled). Within the financial world, things will change dramatically too. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already beginning to shape the sector and define the future of finance. This will continue, and, by 2025, there will be a fiercely competitive financial market. As of now, Chinese financial institutions seem to be the early winners of this AI race; however, other countries are working hard to catch up. Additionally, the largest battle in the financial sector will not be between the financial institutions of various countries; it will be between financial institutions and tech giants like Amazon and Facebook. Who will win will ultimately be decided by what regulators decide to do. Whichever side comes out victorious, consumers will also win, receiving customized services faster, cheaper and more efficiently than ever before.

2020 was an interesting year that helped shaped the future. And the future will be here soon.