Banks Lag in Adopting Generative AI

A recent Capgemini report reveals that less than 10% of retail banks globally have a viable roadmap for implementing generative artificial intelligence (AI) at scale. In particular, the study shows a lack of readiness for AI-driven transformation across 250 banks, with significant funding issues and regional disparities in AI adoption. North America and Europe have lower readiness rates (27% and 31%, respectively), with the Asia-Pacific region also lagging (at 48%). While banks are advised to enhance digital investments by up to 10%, they struggle with scaling new technologies, and only 6% of banks have set KPIs to measure AI impacts. Moreover, 39% of executives are dissatisfied with AI-based outcomes. The report stresses the importance of generative AI for operations and customer service enhancements, suggesting a potential 66% optimization in operational time through AI. Advanced conversational AI could also improve customer interactions, indicating an urgent need for banks to adopt intelligent solutions to remain competitive.