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Death of traditional employer-employee relationships

Employer-employee relationships are in the midst of a large-scale change thanks to the impact of the digital age. The digital age has redefined how we interact with family, friends and random strangers. Now, it has also come to impact the way we think about employment. Employment used to mean a position, salary and growth potential in exchange for work done. For employees, employment has come to mean a place in which an employee can find fulfillment and connect the inner “as it should be” feeling with the external “what is necessary” realities. For employers, employment has come to mean that finding the best person is now more difficult, especially as new realities constantly change needs and employees are much more open to taking decisions on a whim than they ever have been in the past.

All of this has served to make hierarchical management systems a thing of the past. The “rules” and “principles” once so ingrained in us are passing away. Neither employers nor employees have time to adjust to new realities as they come and go seemingly instantly. This means that the most successful among us will be the ones who plan to operate in manageable small periods, which then determine further directions. We are in a period of going from reference point to reference point (as opposed to the old start to finish). The time of relative stability is over, and we need to embrace it as there is a new world of opportunity in this new reality…if only we look ahead instead of looking back.