Embracing Innovation: European SMEs Shift Towards AI and Fintech

Over the past 2 years, artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly influenced global business trends due to the long-term benefits it’s capable of providing. In a new report, Qonto highlights this shift, particularly for European SMEs that are planning substantial investments in AI and digitization in 2024. The report notes high optimism for fintech and AI, with 73% of respondents likely to invest. However, it also highlights skepticism in certain areas, particularly cryptocurrencies, Web3, virtual reality, and the metaverse. The report also reveals gender disparities in leadership roles of SMEs, with only 29% of being women. While tech investments are a priority for SMEs, many are interestingly slowing down or halting new talent recruitment, although it should be noted that 42% do plan to increase hiring. Industries vary in their enthusiasm, with finance and insurance showing the most interest and construction showing the least.