Financial institutions need a reboot in thinking about how to use data

Financial institutions sit atop huge pools of data, but they won’t enjoy the value of it if they keep using yesterday’s tools. The sad reality is that most financial institutions still use data like they did two decades ago – building review mirrors reports to make decisions about the future. They must abandon these outdated concepts and change their mindset to build productive data analytics solutions that can improve consumer experiences. In other words, they must focus on the future and what’s next. The main issue for financial institutions to solve is how to transform data into actionable insights and better products and consumer experiences. Those that are still stalling and drowning in their data need to follow the example of successful financial institutions and actively pursue partnerships with FinTechs that can help them break out of their old mindset and leverage data to find creative solutions to existing (and even future) problems. Only then will they be able to ensure their success in the long term.