How one cybersecurity firm hit a value of USD 1.25 billion

Darktrace, a cybersecurity company that provides a network “immune system” powered by artificial intelligence, has hit a value of USD 1.25 billion following a recent round of financing. The company was founded following the 2012 London Olympics by those in charge of cybersecurity for the event. It all started with the premise of using artificial intelligence to seek out and eliminate hacker threats automatically. Currently, the company provides a sophisticated monitoring and flagging system. In fact, Darktrace’s unique approach of watching for abnormalities in networks has found some interesting points of entry for hackers that other technologies (e.g. anti-viruses) don’t see. For example, a connected fish tank was used by some hackers to try to gain entry into a casino’s database. Now, Darktrace is moving another step forward with its Antigena product. The new product, launched in April, seeks to completely remove the human component from the cybersecurity equation by eradicating threats the “immune system” detects all on its own. It’s a big step to say the least, one that represents a significant step forward in protecting the digital world.