’Innovations and Startup’ banking conference to be held May 24–25, 2017 in Tbilisi

The ‘Innovations and Startups’ banking conference on SME banking in the Caucasus will be held in Tbilisi May 24–25, 2017. The following topics will be discussed:

  • the role of commercial banks in SME support, with case studies from the Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank
  • digital SME banks and new challenges for traditional banks, including digital trends and innovations in the business segment as well as the future of branches in the digital era
  • lessons learned on how to launch a mobile banking application successfully, using case studies about non-financial SME services and green finance for SMEs
  • startup banking and non-financial services for SMEs, with case studies on how banks have supported startups and provided education support to existing SMEs
  • how FinTech and startups can help banks, including lessons learned from startups and FinTech solutions