Kaz’Hack’Stan 2018 outlines changing digital landscape in Kazakhstan

In October 2018, Almaty hosted the second annual Kaz’Hack’Stan Conference. The Conference, devoted to practical issues in the field of information security, included panel discussions, example cases from information security experts and booths designed allow users to enhance their practical skills. During the panel discussions, speakers discussed current issues related to information security as well as protecting information and communication infrastructure and issues related to state regulations. Specific topics included: ‘Protecting Critical Infrastructure’, ‘Telecom Signaling Network Security’, ‘Dynamic Mobile Application Analysis’ and ‘Smart Contacts Security Audits’. Throughout the panel discussions, experts repeatedly mentioned the changing information security landscape in Kazakhstan, especially new state measures that outline uniform requirements, provide legislative norms regarding data protection and increase public awareness about cybersecurity. The experts also noted that, while state programs such as ‘Digital Kazakhstan’ and ‘Cybershield of Kazakhstan’ are important, the lack of qualified personnel in the country represents a significant issue needing to be overcome if the country is to move forward in transitioning to a responsible digital state.