Key Findings of Dentons’ AI Survey

Dentons has conducted a survey of global business leaders on their organizations’ use of artificial intelligence (AI). The results of the survey reveal that companies around the world recognize the many benefits of AI. At the same time however, many leaders are starting to ask serious questions about where the responsibility for good governance, regulation and compliance sits. In particular, the survey found that:

  • 60% of companies already use or are piloting AI in their company, especially for automated processes, generating data-driven business information for decision-making and reducing human errors.
  • A general lack of strategic focus in the implementation of AI solutions means that many solutions are being implemented without due consideration of the risks associated with them.
  • Cost and the protection of personal data are still significant challenges for many companies.
  • An attitude of there being a need for human oversight over AI solutions persists, with a generalized lack of trust in them from many.

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