Lessons learned on the path from startup to success

The startup puzzle is different for every business, yet there are critical pieces that shape a startup’s development and, ultimately, contribute to it becoming a larger success:

  • Failing fast – failing fast is essential to any successful startup. Failures teach us and clear the path forward. The key is to get back up quickly and not let a failure control the future.
  • Making pressure an ally – almost every successful startup has a turning point that defines it. Don’t let pressure force you into a hole. Get creative to resolve problems. Expect pressure; relish it; let it help catapult your startup.
  • Iterating and integrating – technology is transforming every industry at lightning speed. The goal is to iterate and integrate faster than the others. It’s not always about who has the best product but who is faster to market and can more easily adapt to change.
  • Keep your emotions under control – don’t miss an opportunity to grow your startup because you are too busy celebrating a success. Conversely, embrace some of the lows that come with starting a business and make sure to use less-positive emotions as a way to make improvements.