Ongoing digitalization efforts in Kazakhstan

Consumers choose to use digital services for one main reason – it solves an issue. In Kazakhstan, however, the adoption of digital services has been somewhat lower than in other countries. While a part of this lower adoption rate may be due to the consumer base in the country, the recent success of ApplePay in doubling the number and volume of non-cash transactions among its users indicates a clear willingness of many Kazakhstanis to adopt innovative digital solutions that make life easier. Another example of this increasing in popularity in the country is money transfers via phone number, something being adopted by small entrepreneurs as well as individuals. Perhaps the most intriguing solutions likely to come to market in the near future, however, are those that incorporate digital biometric consumer identification as this will make taking care of financial matters (e.g. payments) easier than ever before and almost a background process that does not interfere with an individual going about his/her daily life. Once the risks associated with making biometric identification secure have been figured out, its adoption in Kazakhstan (and throughout the world) seems inevitable.