Phygital Is the New Black

The concept of “phygital” has emerged as a transformative force within the business landscape. By seamlessly merging the strengths of physical and digital realms, companies are not only meeting customer expectations but also staying ahead in an ever-evolving marketplace. Here are 7 ways businesses are hopping on the phygital hype train to redefine customer experiences and drive growth:

  • Offering personalization throughout the order process – providing a seamless personalized digital payment process and centralizing orders and payment options on a single platform is essential for empowering customers. Nowadays, customers expect these types of personalized services and become frustrated when they don’t receive them.
  • Geo-targeting for upselling – targeted interactions provide a way to predictively engage with customers and address their needs. They also present unique opportunities for upselling.
  • Offering a buy online, pickup in the store option – this approach is particularly advantageous when shipping delays result from supply chain issues.
  • Digitizing supply management – digitizing transaction recording and supply chain data enhances transparency, security and speed.
  • Streamlined check-ins and seamless authorization – filling out online forms for account signups or purchases remains a pain point with more than 37% of users abandon forms requiring additional data like mobile numbers. Enhancing onboarding experiences is crucial and very achievable through strategic partnerships and integrations.
  • Leveraging physical kiosks – kiosk locations can rapidly issue cards and offer diverse functionalities such as utility payments, consultations and loans. For financial institutions, they are a way to attract tech-savvy consumers, broaden networks and reduce operational costs.
  • Automating with intelligent customer support – deploying chatbots or IVR systems for common queries frees physical resources for complex issues, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.