Polish realities in a PSD2 Europe

A recent survey of the Polish banking sector concerning the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) of the European Union (EU) was published by KPMG. Specifically, the survey found that Polish banks view their main competition as other banks in the short term; however, the realities of PSD2 shift that perception to technology companies (e.g. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) in the medium and long terms. The other main finding of the survey related to consumer trust. While consumers place some level of trust in banks (41%), Google (38%) and Facebook (22%), they do not tend to trust them with information related to transactional data (banks (32%), Google (3%) and Facebook (2%)). For Poland, this means that there is still much work to do in the short term to ensure that the aim of PSD2 becomes a reality for Polish consumers.