Positive outlooks for FinTech stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertain times for many, but this does not necessarily have to be something negative. Our friends at FinTech magazine asked leaders within the FinTech industry to comment on how they see a new wave of innovation coming. Here are the top 10 responses they received:

  1. “[There is] a huge opportunity for companies who were ahead of the curve and didn’t quite have a product-market fit.” -Vivi Friedgut, founder of Blackbullion
  2. “[The COVID-19 pandemic presents] an opportunity for us to re-think our working practices.” -Pete Watson, CEO of Atlas Cloud
  3. “[This situation has been] a real eye-opener into potential areas of vulnerability.” -Adam Jones, chief technology officer at Redington
  4. “[This has served as] a catalyst for leveraging mobile-first banking.” -Josh Bell, general partner at Dawn Capital
  5. “Industry 4.0 and the global lifestyle will be more important than ever.” -Frank Zhou, CEO and Founder of Zeux
  6. “[We have] an opportunity to embrace the innovation that FinTech thrives at.” -Sébastien Flak, director of FinTech solutions at Geneva Management Group (GMG)
  7. “COVID-19 is probably good for crypto markets.” -Katharine Wooller, managing director at Dacxi
  8. “[People are now] accepting, without question, the validity of remote working.” -Katharine Wooller, managing director at Dacxi
  9. “Open banking will see new customers coming on board.” -Gavin Powell, general secretary of FinTech Wales
  10. “We will see a [greater] willingness to embrace technology.” – Gavin Powell, general secretary of FinTech Wales