The COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for cashless payments in Ukraine

The COVID-19 crisis is changing how people go about living their lives and could be a catalyst for permanent change in Ukraine. With increased restrictions on movements and gatherings as well as greater concerns among the populous about contact with potentially-infected persons, there has been a noticeable increase in the use of mobile banking apps and online payments. Although this is to be expected in such times, it is also likely to lead to a greater number of users becoming comfortable with the technology and using it even after the crisis period has ended. 

Further driving this switch to digital are cash-in terminals that convert cash into an electronic form. With greater concerns over the cleanliness of cash, Ukrainians are likely to use these terminals to transform their cash into digital forms (i.e. use cash-in terminals to put money on cards). This is likely to also lead to greater comfort with cashless payment and increase its usage even after the crisis has ended. In the end, the COVID-19 crisis may be looked back upon as the major driving force in pushing Ukraine toward a cashless society.