The problem of hidden mining in Uzbekistan

One of the most common cyber threats in Uzbekistan is hidden mining. Although there are still threats associated with the more traditional unknown downloading and installation of a mining program onto user computers, hackers and programmers have become more ingenious in recent years. Uzcert and ESET (a company specialized in cyber defense) have warned about hidden browser mining on many Uzbek websites. When a person enters a website with hidden mining coding, their computing power is utilized for mining purposes while they are on the website. While no data is stolen from the computer, it still represents an attack as systems are used without the person’s permission or knowledge. It is estimated that there are about 34,000 websites infected with such hidden mining coding.

This is a particular problem in Uzbekistan as the country currently has a low level of awareness about such issues. To keep computers safe, it is recommended to keep operating systems and software up-to-date, use a trusted antivirus program, consider the use of browser plugins and ad blockers and never follow unknown or suspicious links. It is also recommended that larger companies get a third-party IT audit to ensure their computing systems are clean of any hidden mining codes and programs.