The state of Big Data in Armenia

Big Data is one of the biggest buzz words in the tech world right now. In Armenia, however, most companies have yet to adopt Big Data technologies. In fact, experts estimate that the level of Big Data tech and use in Armenia is on par with the world average 4–5 years ago. Although Armenian companies as a whole aren’t clamoring for Big Data solutions, many couldn’t implement them even if they wanted to as there is a lack of enough data in the country as is.

There is hope for Big Data in the country though. As Big Data solutions become increasingly important throughout the world and the need for real-time information and analysis grows, more and more companies are starting to become interested in ways to collect, process and use data. At the moment, many seem stuck on traditional (and expensive) relational database solutions; however, their limitations (especially issues related to scalability) and the ability of non-relational databases to overcome them are slowly pushing Big Data solutions to the forefront in Armenia.