Tokenized student economy to transform global educational market

Spitball, a global online student marketplace with over 500,000 registered users, has launched Spitball 2.0 (a token-driven blockchain economy that will transform a USD 150+ billion centralized e-learning industry into a decentralized ecosystem), creating a much fairer deal for students. By leveraging the existing Spitball platform as well as more than 25 partnerships with leading education providers, Spitball 2.0 will become a game changer for the EdTech industry, unlocking new opportunities for students.

Being built on the blockchain and using its own tokens means it can deliver a range of compelling benefits for students, including protecting ownership of content creation, maintaining strict privacy, lowering costs and increasing earning potential. By facilitating micro-payments, Spitball 2.0 is a genuine economy where students can seamlessly and simply be rewarded for sharing content, performing tasks or even selling goods.