Top 7 digital transformation trends shaping 2020

Digital transformation has become a catchall term for reimagining business in the digital age. It can refer to any process that uses digital technologies to solve for changing business and market requirements. Our friends at MuleSoft have outlined the top 7 digital transformation trends shaping 2020:

  1. Connecting consumer experiences – organizations need to deliver connected, personalized experiences.
  2. Data-driven businesses – unlocking and analyzing data is at the heart of digital transformation. Businesses need to put their data to work in order to improve consumer experiences, streamline operations and quickly launch new products and services.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – organizations are increasingly investing in AI and machine learning to expedite and personalize services, reduce human bias and increase productivity. They are also learning that the value of AI and machine learning tools are dependent upon the data they are fed.
  4. Multi-cloud computing – most enterprises today run on multi-cloud environments, but managing multiple clouds is complicated. API-led application development and containerization are two potential solutions to this problem.
  5. Partnering with IT to turbocharge the business – in order to maximize the full potential of technology, organizations are positioning IT as a core business enabler.
  6. Co-creating value with external stakeholders – the best businesses are creating a network effect by building collaborative ecosystems of partners, consumers and external stakeholders.
  7. Fueling business performance with APIs – businesses leveraging APIs are experiencing increased productivity and revenue growth, but they must be productized and easily reusable to deliver full value.