Unibank introduces new loan application CRM system

Unibank has employed an automated process for providing unsecured loans to small businesses by using a new customer relationships management (CRM) system developed by Protobase Laboratories. The aim of the new CRM system is to increase the effectiveness and quality of customer service, significantly speed up the decision-making process in providing business loans and reduce the bank’s expenses. With the new system, a Unibank specialist will make an in-office visit to a client who applied for a business loan and fill in the application with the client. The decision on whether or not the bank will grant the application for credit is then provided to the client within the same day the application was filled out.

The automation allows Unibank to make customer profiles effectively as well as estimate customer solvency, thereby excluding the human factor in the decision-making process. This results in the bank having high-quality borrowers, a faster application and decision-making process, an increased loan portfolio quality and reduced expenses. In addition, the flexible modular structure of the system means that it can be adjusted for other tasks the bank wants to use it for.