the new Georgian platform for cryptocurrency trading is a new Georgian platform for cryptocurrency trading. The platform enables people to exchange cryptocurrency and contact each other through a mediator (peer-to-peer trading). At the same time, consumers are able to exchange cryptocurrency into traditional currency (flat exchange) or place it in a protected space (cold storage). All of this is accomplished through cloud mining, which also enables cryptocurrency investments. “The trading platform will connect people wishing to sell and buy cryptocurrencies with each other. And this process will bring major changes onto the market. People, and not organizations, will determine value of crypto currencies by 100%”, stated Luka Kobalia, Ushba’s marketing manager.

UshbaCoin is one of the shares of, meaning that all UshbaCoin owners will receive dividends from profits each month. This is something new and differentiates UshbaCoin from other cryptocurrencies.

Both Georgian and foreign citizens are invited to invest in UshbaCoin development. Starting on September 15, 2017, UshbaCoin will be available for USD 10. The company plans to make a profit both from commission fees for cryptocurrency exchange and from cloud mining.