Valuable lessons from 7 big FinTech successes

Lots of FinTech startups have brilliant ideas, but not all of them succeed. Some, however, become huge successes. Here are a few of the more successful ones and what their experiences can teach us.

  • Funding Circle – a FinTech unicorn based in the United Kingdom, Funding Circle provides a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that brings together small businesses and investors. Funding Circle took a customer-first approach and provided a fast and transparent way of getting loans directly from investors.
  • Coinbase – an American company that allows customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Coinbase focused on security and regulatory compliance to win consumers’ trust and become one of the most popular crypto asset exchanges around.
  • Onfido – based in the United Kingdom, Onfido provides background checks and identity verification by analyzing a photo from an identity document and comparing it to a selfie. By implementing the latest technologies, including machine learning algorithms, Onfido offers an efficient alternative to traditional time-consuming background checks.
  • Credit Karma – created as an alternative to traditional credit scoring services, Credit Karma is known for its effective communication strategy that proactively seeks feedback about how to improve services.
  • Adyen – a global payment platform that accepts more than 250 payment methods, Adyen has proved it possible to succeed in an established industry by offering a unique and convenient product.
  • Lemonade – created as an alternative to traditional insurers, Lemonade offers homeowners and renters insurance. Their use of innovative approaches and the latest technologies have helped Lemonade become a top FinTech startup and a serious player in the insurance industry.
  • Acorns – an app that automatically invests users’ spare change from everyday purchases, Acorns also helps customers become more confident investors through educational and informational services.