11 of the most notable WealthTech companies in Switzerland

With 75 companies operating in the sphere, WealthTech has become a thriving subset of FinTech in Switzerland. Here are 11 of the more notable Swiss WealthTech companies:

  1. AAAccell – a spin-off company of the University of Zurich, the company specializes in risk and asset management and uses the latest research on quantitative finance, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.
  2. Additiv – offering digital solutions for financial services providers, Additiv uses a unique software platform for the creation and operation of various services and products that target different consumer segments.
  3. AlgoTrader – offering a fully-integrated algorithmic trading software solution for quantitative hedge funds, AlgoTrader allows for the automation of complex, quantitative trading strategies in equity, forex and derivative markets. AlgoTrader is also the very first and only algorithmic trading software product to allow automated trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  4. Bitcoin Suisse – Bitcoin Suisse provides private and institutional clients with a wide-range of crypto-related services such as brokerage (high volume trading) services, hyper-secure storage of crypto-assets and bespoke ICO-services.
  5. Clevercircles – launched by Bank CIC, Clevercircles is a roboadvisor that allows investors to tactically adjust their portfolio on a regular basis and provides them with the option of joining forces with other participating individuals, groups and even professionals to compare market expectations.
  6. Crypto Finance – founded in June 2017, the holding company provides blockchain-related services through three subsidiaries: Crypto Fund AG (the first regulated asset manager for crypto assets authorized by FINMA), Crypto Broker AG (a crypto asset trader) and Crypto Storage AG (a crypto asset storage infrastructure solution provider).
  7. Descartes Finance – a leading Swiss digital wealth manager, Descartes Finance provides a digital investment platform that uses client information to generate a personal investor profile and offer an investment proposal that matches client needs.
  8. NVISO – a company that provides artificial intelligence solutions that detect and predict human behaviors using visual intelligence, NVISO products and services consist of applications, software development kits and data services that are used to measure and increase productivity as well as accurately perform specific business functions such as the automation of consumer-facing operations.
  9. Simplewealth – an automated investment management company, Simplewealth aims to make investment easy with secure online banking services and tailored plans.
  10. Selma Finance – Selma Finance acts as a personal investment assistant who looks into all aspects of a client’s life and puts together an individual investment plan that fits their goals and future.
  11. Viac – the first-ever 100% digital solution for retirement planning (via mobile app) in Switzerland, Viac offers users three strategies for retirement investments: global, Swiss and global sustainable.