17% of Uzbek users face cyber-attacks each month

It’s no secret that cybercrime in the world is developing at a rapid pace, with cybercriminals becoming better in their attacks and in ways to tricking people and systems. In Uzbekistan in the second quarter of 2018, 26% of internet users faced at least one cyber-attack, down from 31.52% in the first quarter. Moreover, it is estimated that 17% of Uzbek internet users face at least one cyber-attack each month. A large number of these attacks have come in the form of malware programs. In fact, the most recent trend of cyber-attacks in the country has come as mobile banking trojans and miners.

According to experts, one of the largest issues related to cyber-attacks is that most Uzbek organizations use unlicensed antivirus programs, meaning that they are more vulnerable to new and sophisticated attacks. Today, however, the situation is starting to change as companies and individuals are starting to realize that it is more profitable in the long run to pay for a high-quality cybersecurity solution than it is to have to deal with the consequences of falling victim to a successful cyber-attack.