5 Big Data myths

With Big Data a trending topic, it’s a good time to review 5 of the biggest myths surrounding it:

  1. Big Data provides company growth – with all the hype surrounding Big Data, companies should be careful to examine whether or not it will be a useful tool for them and whether or not they are ready for it.
  2. Big Data means collecting all possible data – data is only useful if it is of a good quality; companies interested in Big Data should focus on quality over quantity.
  3. Big Data gives all the answers – Big Data can give a lot of answers, but it is important to also make sure to ask the right questions first.
  4. You need someone with a degree in science to introduce Big Data solutions – a degree in science does not equate to understanding Big Data, especially for the specifics of one company. Rather, it’s more important to have someone who can help you build the right infrastructure and get to where you want to go.
  5. Big Data equals big money – implementing Big Data solutions is a big investment. It is important that Big Data solutions are right for each company, otherwise it could be money wasted and, potentially, lead to the downfall of the organization.