5 principles to keep your security strong

Most security incidents that lead to confidential data being compromised are the result of companies failing to evolve their security programs to match new technologies.  Following these five principles will keep your business ahead of the game:

  • Encourage a partnership between engineering, product and cybersecurity teams – a repeatable roadmap planning process that includes engineering, product and cybersecurity teams will ensure that everyone is aware of all changes and can act proactively to avoid any potential cybersecurity breach.
  • Evaluate team skills, hiring additional talent as necessary – evaluating the technical skills of everyone on the cybersecurity team and comparing it to roadmap plans will help ensure that a forward-looking hiring and training strategy for the cybersecurity team can be adopted.
  • Develop a threat model for new technology – a threat model for new technology should be developed and updated through collaboration between cybersecurity and engineering teams.
  • Implement security tools designed for new technology – new technologies may require new tools. Security monitoring should provide a complete inventory of services, interdependencies and expected communication paths as well as alerts for when the unexpected happens.
  • Allocate resources to cybersecurity research – being reactive is an ineffective and inefficient strategy. Stay ahead of emerging threats and evolve security programs to proactively reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident.