6 cybersecurity tools to know about in 2019

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more vital to how we live. Here are six up-and-coming cybersecurity tools to keep an eye on in 2019:

  • SafeBlocks – SafeBlocks offers real-time protection for smart contract users, adding another layer of protection to applications built on blockchains. SafeBlocks continuously validates transactions based on dynamically-set rules.
  • Incapsula – Incapsula is a leading cybersecurity company that offers an array of cloud-based security and website acceleration services. With a small adjustment to your DNS, users can access DDoS protection, website security, content delivery and load balancing services.
  • HoxHunt – HoxHunt recognizes that the vast majority of breaches (over 90%) are due to human error and acts as an additional security team member by constantly measuring employee awareness and behavior to its simulated threats.
  • PerimeterX – PerimeterX is the answer to the growing sophistication of automated bot attacks. It uses a system of machine learning to identify behavior that is least likely to be human.
  • WhiteSource – open-source installations are amalgamations of several complementary pieces and require tracking, management and reporting. WhiteSource automates these processes. It also makes open-source component selection, provides real-time alerts on vulnerable points and bottlenecks and makes policy enforcement completely automatic.
  • Cloud Management Suite – Cloud Management Suite uses automated and pre-built patch queries to the most common software to significantly reduce the administrative burden of systems management. It allows for effortless control of every aspect of IT infrastructure, including connected devices, threat monitoring, compliance management, power management and two-factor authentication.