8 unusual places where you can pay with bitcoin

Bitcoin is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional money, and the virtual currency is starting to gain popularity at different businesses around the world. Here is a list of eight unusual places that accept bitcoin:

  1. Pizzaforcoins.com – an international network of pizza companies that allows customers to buy pizza from local pizzerias with bitcoin; the service is currently available in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia
  2. Eres Plastic Surgery – the largest center for plastic surgery in Florida, located in Miami, has been accepting bitcoins since 2014
  3. OkCupid.com – the dating website known as the “google of online dating” accepts bitcoin as payment for premium service plans
  4. St. John the Evangelist – the church, located in New York, is the first known church to accept donations in bitcoin
  5. Individual Pubs Limited – an English chain of pubs accepts payments in cash, credit card and bitcoin
  6. Lollyphile – this maker of unorthodox sweets is at the forefront of their business because of their unique sweets and the fact that they also accept bitcoin as payment for their goods and services
  7. Deloitte’s Bitcoin Bistro – beginning in April 2017, this bistro at Deloitte’s Toronto office began accepting bitcoin payments
  8. Virgin Galactic – book a trip into space on a Virgin Galactic ship using bitcoin

Information about other products and services which can be purchased with bitcoin can be found at the website Usebitcoins.info.