Digital banking’s rise over classical banking

Digital banking was on pace to develop slowly, mired in the shadow of classical banking. This was especially the case in many emerging markets. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the work of most financial institutions around the world and accelerated the pace of digital banking as financial institutions search for ways to reach out to consumers in safe and responsible ways. A great example of this is Ukraine, where mobile apps were once a possibility at only the most technologically-advanced banks but are now available in at least 27 financial institutions. Moreover, an estimated 40% of financial consumers in Ukraine now consistently use digital banking services, and this figure is expected to exceed 50% by the end of the year. If Ukraine is a leading example (as it seems to be) and not an interesting outlier, the world of brick-and-mortar financial institutions may now be the one mired in the shadow of digital banking and slowly going gentle into that good night.