Big Data in Kazakhstan: press review

Big Data technologies are gradually entering the Kazakh market. Large companies use solutions based on them, schools of big data analysts open, state projects on digitalization are launched. A lot of materials on this topic have been published in the local media this year, here are the main ones.


Analysts schools

  • Kaspi Bank, a retail-focused lender, has been training analysts since 2014 as part of the Kaspi Lab project. There is a story about it from The Steppe.
  • In April, Alfa Bank launched Alfa Data School to train big data analysts. Key elements of the training plan are the following: machine learning, an introduction to data analysis and Data Engineering. Сurrent bank experts, as well as representatives of partner companies (SAP, Informatica, Prime Source, IBM) teach in this school. In May, Alfa Bank also organized the first Alfa Data Meet Up, which brought together more than 50 beginners in data analytics and experts.
  • In October, Beeline to open the Big Data School to train big data experts. The program includes the study of Apache Spark, Hadoop, Scala, NiFi, NoSQL, etc. Recruitment to the school is carried out according to the results of testing, training is free.


Big data in banks and companies

  • At the beginning of the year, Beeline and the First Credit Bureau entered into an agreement on scoring and verification services. Now, when applying for a loan, bank customers will be able to request data on the use of cellular services from the operator. This will allow you to obtain loans even if you don’t have a credit history.
  • Alfa Bank is going to implement Informatica Data Quality as a data quality solution. It is expected that it will help to standardize data, enrich it, identify and remove duplicates, and build data quality management processes.
  • Kazakh microfinance organizations began to create a digital client profile that helps evaluate the solvency and protects against fraud, the newspaper Kursiv writes.


Expert Opinion

  • Kuanysh Abeshev, Dean of the AlmaU School of Engineering Management, said in an interview what needs to be done to more actively develop big data in Kazakhstan.  
  • correspondents attended the K-Tech 2019 conference to learn more about the future of big data and the IoT in Kazakhstan.  
  • Asem Nurgaliyeva, executive director of First Credit Bureau, explained why data, technology and GR (government relations) became the basis of the credit business in Kazakhstan.  
  • Sergey Akhmetov, CEO at, wrote an article for about who processes big data in Kazakhstan and why. In short: there are no serious achievements in this field in the country, the main requisitioners are the state and big business, the market itself is very promising.
  • Maksat Nuridenululy, Managing Director of  Alfa Bank Kazakhstan, dispels myths about big data.
  • Yevgeny Shcherbinin, CEO at Prime Source, told what needs to be done to reduce costs, provide analysis, forecasting and big data management for business. 
  • Ekaterina Rehert, Data Scientist at Kolesa Group, explained that small businesses have the same chances of successfully using big data as big ones.
  • Ilya Egorov, Chief Digital Officer at Technodom, in his interview told why data science is an integral part of doing business today.