Commercial financial institutions embracing FinTech partnerships?

As commercial financial institutions strive to keep pace with consumer demands, many are looking to FinTech partners to help deliver improved service and value. In fact, a majority already use some kind of third-party FinTech solution, and many plan to (or are willing to) increase investments in such partnerships. This is a major step forward for the role of FinTechs in the eyes of commercial financial institutions, which once saw FinTechs as an adversary instead of as a partner. In the end, most commercial financial institutions have come to understand that embracing new FinTech ideas is vital to improving consumer satisfaction and reducing cost margins as well as to survival. This is especially true in creating modern and valuable business-to-business (B2B) solutions that meet and exceed consumer expectations. The real question is how will commercial financial institutions create these FinTech solutions: will they build them themselves or will they look for FinTech partners with the knowledge and experience to implement the solutions consumer expect?