How to attract Generation Z workers

Generation Z (Gen Z) is now entering the workforce, but they are looking for something very different in employment than previous generations. Instead of an attractive social package, Gen Z looks for companies with values that offer employment opportunities of social significance. But how should companies compete to attract the best talent if material values no longer matter?

A recent survey by Dell Technologies found three key things companies can do to ensure they remain attractive options for Gen Z:

  1. Embrace technology – Gen Z grew up with technology as a part of daily life; they fully-expect employers to have this same mentality and to embrace the technologies that make our lives (and work) easier.
  2. Learn how to share knowledge with them – many young professionals are unsure of themselves and think they may not have the skills to further work. Mentoring opportunities provide them with confidence and also introduce them into the company culture.
  3. Ensure interactions with real people – surprisingly, this online generation desires face-to-face communication. Unsurprisingly, it also wants to work from home. Resolving this paradox can be difficult; however, virtual and augmented reality solutions could help Gen Z find both the interconnectedness they desire as well as the comfort of working remotely.