Personal data leaks: the disease of the digital world

With all the recent news about cyberattacks and data leaks, one might sometimes wonder if he/she is really a target. After all, why would someone be interested in the data of an ordinary, maybe even unremarkable person. But the reality is that hackers are interested in whatever personal data they can get…even yours. This is because, in bulk, even seemingly mundane data has value to someone – for fraud, for phishing, for spam or for something else altogether. Perhaps most alarming is that one need only be a passive participant (e.g. show a passport at a travel agency or make a purchase using a debit card) to be vulnerable to such threats.

The sad reality is that is impossible to be 100% protected from data leaks. The best one can do is to engage only with reputable businesses that value their customers as well as care about their brand. Of course, there is also hope that increased government scrutiny (including punitive measures) will force all companies to take data privacy more seriously.