Sberbank’s use of social media listening solving classical research issues

  1. Sberbank has been one of the first financial service providers to embrace the use of social media listening (SML) to solve the problems of classical research. Here are 5 ways it is using SML right now:
    Brand health tracking – Sberbank uses social media data to continuously measure consumer attitudes toward its brand.
  2. Consumer loyalty and satisfaction tracking – SML allows Sberbank to gather reactions to events and identify issues consumers are facing without having to go through the long, painful process of creating a survey, asking for responses and analyzing them.
  3. Ad hoc studies – ad hoc research is invaluable for a variety of tasks, including identifying consumer needs, analyzing user patterns, determining consumer segmentation, analyzing the effectiveness of digital platforms and conducting competitive analyses.
  4. Trend monitoring – Sberbank is a firm believer in the potential of SML to identify and analyze emerging trends.
  5. Market model data – SML data is allowing Sberbank to build models for more effective market interactions.