Super Apps Can Drive Uzbek’s Fintech Market

Uzbekistan’s technology sector has been experiencing a boom in 2022, with thousands of IT specialists and major technology companies relocating to Tashkent. Moreover, fintech services in the country are becoming more widely available, as evidenced by 22 million Uzbek residents (more than half the country’s population) now using remote banking services. At the same time, Uzbekistan’s fintech market remains largely unsaturated. Much of the issues is that fintech services in the country only address superficial problems and fail to solve fundamental market issues such as experience with (digital) financial products and services, residents’ financial habits and financial literacy. In such contexts, so-called “super apps” offer entrepreneurs a better chance at finding unmet needs, developing comprehensive solutions and scaling to profitable levels. Such solutions, to really succeed, must coexist organically with and permeate users’ lives.