The State of Mobile Bank in Kazakhstan

Markswebb recently released its Mobile Banking Rankings: Kazakhstan 2022, finding the following key insights regarding the development of mobile bank in Kazakhstan:

  • There is no unified vision of user experience standards in the Kazakhstan market, meaning that the implementation quality of similar tasks across different applications differs significantly.
  • The best digital customer experiences in mobile banking in Kazakhstan are offered by Bank CenterCredit, Jusan Bank and Halyk Bank; however, even these user experiences lag far behind what is offered in other, similar markets.
  • There is no clear market leader where all best practices are concentrated. For example, Kaspi has an effective pre-login zone; Forte Bank offers transfer by phone number; Home Credit Bank offers a chat system; and Freedom Finance Bank works with linked cards.
  • The growth of transactional activity is constrained by insufficient functionality. For example, most applications allow users to save or link a card from another bank, but these cards cannot be easily viewed or managed.
  • Most applications have poorly-optimized regular operations.
  • In-app chats are implemented in less than half of bank applications. Even where implemented, there is an average wait of 15+ minutes for a response.
  • Financial institutions in Kazakhstan do not leverage all opportunities for online sales.
  • The market is characterized by the weak penetration of digital solutions that improve user experiences.