Taking the internet out of IoT

SoftBank has completed the first-ever connection test in a commercial environment for non-IP data delivery (NIDD). NIDD allows users to transmit data to internet of things (IoT) devices without allocating an IP address. Not using an IP in transmission greatly reduces the risk of being subjected to a malicious attack, making it possible to build a more secure network and thereby helping to accelerate the popularization of IoT technologies. Another benefit of NIDD technology is its lower power consumption. By eliminating data such as header information (required in conventional data communications), the electric power needed for communication is reduced, extending battery life and allowing for a broader area to be covered.

NIDD communication technology offers great potential for the future of IoT products. However, along with the new also comes much speculation, and the true impact of how such technology will really shape our future remains to be seen.

How it works