TBC launches new innovative services and products for businesses

TBC Bank in Georgia has announced the launch of brand new innovative products and services for corporate clients.

  • Corporate clients will have the chance to register and open accounts remotely, either online or by phone, within five minutes. After opening an account remotely by phone, the necessary documents are delivered to the clients by TBC Bank couriers. This innovative service, a first in the Georgian market, was created in collaboration with Leavingstone digital creative agency, a Georgian start-up.
  • An interactive map is being added to the TBC website that will enable interested clients to research existing business spheres through a specially created informative program which supports both established and start-up businesses in gaining a more complete picture of new trends within various industries in selected geographical regions. Companies can also compare their own statistics against other similar companies, both locally and throughout Georgia. Additionally, the resources can be used by all interested parties, including students, researchers and business analysts. The interactive map is being implemented by a partnership between TBC Bank and the State Revenue Service of Georgia.