Technology and Fintech Partnerships Continue to Shape the Future of Banking

A recent study commissioned by Temenos and conducted by Economist Impact underscores the urgency for financial institutions to evolve amidst technological disruption, with 79% of survey respondents anticipating that banking will seamlessly integrate into daily life and business operations. Furthermore, 63% believe that technology will be the main catalyst for change over the next five years, with 71% pointing to AI as the decisive factor for success. The report also indicates that 44% of those surveyed expect financial institutions to acquire majority stakes in fintech companies, while 32% predict a market consolidation among challenger banks within the next three years. As one in five banks expect to shift their business models to offer banking-as-a-service solutions in the coming years, it will be important for the industry to embrace new technologies like cloud and AI as well as develop strategic partnerships with fintechs.