Payment Methods Report 2023 Released

Juniper Research and the Payments Consulting Network have unveiled the Payment Methods Report 2023, which offers actionable insights into the evolving world of payment technologies and strategies. This 8th edition underscores the persistent relevance of convenience, speed and security as the bedrock of industry growth as well as provides a panoramic view of various payment mechanisms, ranging from traditional debit and credit cards to emerging solutions like buy-now-pay-later and crypto payments. Merchant interviews across diverse sectors like retail, gaming and travel reveal real-world challenges and benefits tied to payment method adoption, with a particular focus on how younger generations are poised to shape the future landscape. Alongside this, the report outlines the latest consumer habits in payments, innovative technologies spurring changes and strategies to boost conversion and retention rates. A comprehensive company profile section is also included as an inside look at key players that are setting the industry’s pace.