Younger Generations Prefer Brand-Linked Banking

A recent study by Vodeno/Aion Bank revealed that younger consumers are increasingly opting for their favorite brands over traditional financial institutions for financial services. Surveying 3,007 consumers across Belgium, Germany and the UK, the study found that 52% of 25–34-year-old consumers believe banking with brands they love is more convenient. Additionally, 51% of respondents think that brands provide more accessible banking options, and another 52% say brands offer financial products that are better tailored to their needs. Convenience was cited as the key reason for 25% of participants, while 35% were motivated by favorable rates to use a brand’s embedded banking products. The study also highlighted a preference among younger consumers for flexible payment schemes like buy-now-pay-later options and financial perks such as cashback rewards. This shift toward brand-linked banking underscores the increasing importance for both fintech companies and traditional financial institutions to consider the role of brand affinity in customer acquisition and retention strategies.