The 2 Biggest AI Trends Right Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to deliver on its potential, with its benefits for businesses really shining amid the pandemic. For example, chatbots have helped answer a flood of pandemic-related questions; computer vision has helped maintain social distancing; and machine learning models have been indispensable for modeling the effects of reopening economies. That being said, the 2 biggest (and most interesting) AI trends going on right now are:

  • The democratization of AI – AI is no longer the exclusive subject matter of experts, with organizations coming to understand the importance of AI in delivering value for everyone from customers, business partners and business executives to salespeople, assembly line workers, application developers and IT operations professionals. This is likely to lead to a future with full AI teams that are responsible for designing, developing, implementing and managing AI solutions.
  • The industrialization of AI platforms – AI platform industrialization ultimately leads to the reusability, scalability and safety of AI solutions. As AI solutions come more into the forefront of public consciousness, AI projects are increasingly being led from the C-suite, meaning that responsible AI and sound AI governance are now a priority.