The 5 Budget Apps and Personal Finance Tools

Understanding personal finances and the tools to manage them are an important step toward financial literacy. Fortunately, modern technology has made this step easier to obtain for more people. We’ve scoured the internet and app stores to compile this list of the top 5 most interesting personal finance apps, at least one of which will no doubt help you improve your own personal finance skills with nothing more than the flick of your fingertip.


Price: free trial, then USD 3.99/month or USD 15.96/year (some functions are only available in the paid version)

Availability: iOS and Android

Description: incomes, savings and expenditures are represented as piles of coins. A simple drag-and-drop action is all that is needed to record any financial transaction (incoming or outgoing). You can even set monthly limits on spending categories.

Useful functions: recognition of bank SMSs (for Russian banks), choice of preferred budgeting period (weekly or monthly), data exports (in an MS Excel format), joint budgeting, password protection, multiple device support, notifications

Analogues: Mint, Prism


Price: free 7-day trial and free basic plan; paid plans for multiple wallets (users) start at USD 1.99/month or USD 14.99/year

Availability: iOS and Android

Description: with this app, costs can be monitored manually or automatically via a synchronization with a bank. Spending estimates can then be tracked in a variety of ways, including through the use of an easy-to-read pie chart.

Useful functions: extended statistics, easy setup for savings, a common account for family and friends, bill/receipt photo support, notifications of regular expenses, data backup, connections to electronic and cryptocurrency wallets, multi-currency support

Analogues: Toshl Finance



Price: free and paid (USD 2.48) versions available

Availability: Windows, iOS and Android

Description: this app allows you to record incomes and expenses (even before initial setup of the app) by simply entering amounts and hitting either a plus (for incomes) or minus (for expenses) button and selecting an appropriate category.

Useful functions: password protection, synchronization with other devices (via Google Drive or Dropbox), accounting in several currencies

Analogues: Daily Budget


You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Price: free 34-day trial, then USD 6.99/month (billed annually at USD 83.99)

Availability: Windows, iOS and Android

Description: according to YNAB developers, the most important aspect of financial management is planning. The app works by asking you to categorize each transaction. When it detects an unexpected expenditure, it automatically adjusts your budget (by, for example, reducing the available budget for “entertainment” expenses). Currently, the app only supports one currency and requires a desktop installation.

Useful functions: joint budget management

Analogues: Goodbudget




Price: free

Availability: iOS and Android

Description: this app tells you how much you can spend each day once you indicate the frequency and amount of any income you receive. If daily expenditures exceed this amount, the app recalculates your budget. The app currently does not support statistics or accounting as its main function is only to support you in getting through to your next salary. The app is also only currently available in the Russian language.

Useful functions: support in three currencies: RUB, USD and EUR

Analogues: Bills Monitor